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2016-09-13 SMART-O exhibits on Automechanika 2016

SMART-O plug showcases the revolutionary 'Engine Protection' concept for oil drain plugs on the Automechanika, Frankfurt 2016 tradefair.

2015-10-10 AAPEX 2105 in Las Vages

SMART-O plug's latest innovations on the AAPEX 2015, November 3 Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas NV.

2014-09-16 Oil drain plugs hit Europe on the Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

SMART-O® oil drain plug offers an innovative and safer alternative to regular oil drain plugs at competitive pricing. Using a high-performance sealing technology and patented anti-leak and anti-vibration mechanism, this plug is engineered for the serious car enthusiast - protecting your engine, your oil pan and the environment.

2014-08-27 SMART-O® introduces new torque system to simplify and speed up installation...

SMART-O® plug now features SmarTorq™ the world's first unified oil drain plug torque specification which helps simplifying and speeding up oil drain plug installation during an oil change. SmarTorq™ allows two simple torque specifications to be applied
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2014-07-11 Repco offers SMART-O®

Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributor, Repco, carries SMART-O® .sump plugs (oil drain plugs) in selected Australian stores. The new sump plug offers professional mechanics and car enthusiasts a safer, smarter and more convenient solution for oil changes.

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2013-05-21 SMART-O roll-out to 2,400+ Walmart Tire & Lube Express outlets in USA

Walmart TLE are offering SMART-O plugs to their service customers throughout more than 2,400 locations across the USA. Customers can now enjoy installation of SMART-O oil drain plugs with their oil change. Engineered to prevent oil leaks, oil pan damage and engine damage caused by sudden oil loss, SMART-O plug offers customers a safer, more environmentally friendly choice to regular oil drain plugs which offer no additional protection.
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2013-05-04 Super Cheap Auto offers SMART-O sump plugs to retail customers

Leading automotive retailer Super Cheap Auto is offering SMART-O sump plugs in their 250 nationwide stores throughout Australia to provide customers with a better and safer alternative to sump plugs.

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2013-09-30 SMART-O distribution awarded to Tabernacle Auto in Singapore

SMART-O® plug and SMART-O wiper blade refills are now being distributed in South East Asia by Tabernacle Auto Singapore. The Singaporean-based specialist auto distributor and service group will spearhead an aggressive growth strategy for SMART-O products across the region of South East Asia spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

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2012-12-07 Rapidfix Industrial exhibits on the Automechanika Shanghai

Rapidfix Industrial exhibited on the Automechanika exhibition, Shanghai 2012 to showcase its innovative solutions for the automotive aftermarket. The showcase focused on presenting multi-media retail displays, offering effective product information for Chinese customers. The POS systems are designed for retail packaging for SMART-O® plugs, SMART-O® wipers and Autosol surface solutions.

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2010-05-03 Branick distributes SMART-O in North America

Branick distribute SMART-O® in North America.

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2009-12-24 Rapidfix Industrial develops SMART-O - the intelligent drain plug

The  SMART-O® oil drain plug is engineered to safeguard vehicles against potentially costly mishaps, such as rapid oil loss, engine damage, stripped threads and oil spillage on driveways and the environment.

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