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SMART-O Oil Drain Plug Plastic kit

Get started with the compact 'economy' kit with the entire SMART-O oil drain plugs range.

The assortment box contains 17 plugs which is all you'll ever need to cover the majority of vehicles in North America.

The all-in-one kit for pro quality oil drain plug washers and gaskets

SMART-O oil drain/sump plug washers are precision made to ideally fit and seal SMART-O or regular oil drain plugs/sump plugs.

More coverage for French vehicles R28 Oil drain Sump Plug

Protect your engine and our planet. SMART-O is more than a innovative oil drain (sump) plug. It’s also a safety system for the engine, the customer, your business and the environment. Through a patented sealing and retention mechanism it offers a significant improvement in sealing performance and marketability. SMART-O is a complete oil change solution.

No sólo el CAMBIE de aceite ... CAMBIE tu pensamiento!

Ahora usted puede hacer más de esto que a menudo es
olvidado, pero es parte crítica del motor. Mantenga el aceite en
la bandeja y el efectivo fluirá - con el más seguro, más eficaz y
más poderoso tapón de drenaje aceite en el mercado.
Protection + Performance + Profit

Consejos SMART-O

Los cinco principales beneficios del uso de SMART-O.

3x Profit durch Verkauf von Scheiben für jede SMART-O Schraube

Es ist Standardpraxis in der Industrie, die Scheiben für Ölablaßschrauben bei jedem Ölwechsel stets zu wechseln. Scheiben werden nach einmaliger nutzung zerquetcht und ändern somit den angewandten Drehmoment. Das selbe gilt auch für die SMART-O Schraube, wo die Scheiben ebenso mit jedem Ölwechsel gewechselt werden müssen.

Make 3x profit selling washers alongside SMART-O

It is standard industry practice to change oil drain plug / sump plug washers with every oil change. The reason is that after one-time use washers compress and alter the previously applied torque on the plug. The same goes for SMART-O plugs, where washers must be changed with every oil change as well.


SMART-O Christmas Promotion - give something GREEN for Christmas

Give something GREEN for Christmas

Go green the extra mile to give your customers that something special for their service before the Christmas season sets in.

Installing SMART-O oil drain plugs with your next oil change will give your customers an improved service experience.



The all-in-one Solution Kit:

O Anti-leak and anti-vibration function

O Reduces risk of sudden oil loss

O Protects engine and oil pan

O 17 plugs/3 pcs each

O Covers a majority of vehicles

O ECO-friendly-prevents oil leaks in environment