SMART-O roll-out to 2,400+ Walmart Tire & Lube Express outlets in USA | Oil Drain Plug | Drain Plug | Sump Plug
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SMART-O roll-out to 2,400+ Walmart Tire & Lube Express outlets in USA

Walmart TLE are offering SMART-O plugs to their service customers throughout more than 2,400 locations across the USA. Customers can now enjoy installation of SMART-O oil drain plugs with their oil change. Engineered to prevent oil leaks, oil pan damage and engine damage caused by sudden oil loss, SMART-O plug offers customers a safer, more environmentally friendly choice to regular oil drain plugs which offer no additional protection.

The SMART-O system was also designed to make the oil change more efficient and faster through a variety of reference tools. SMART-O was brought to Walmart by Branick Industries who distributes the product in North America.

SMART-O ® oil drain plug is the most advanced oil drain plug (sump plug) available in the automotive aftermarket. SMART-OI is an internationally patented technology, originating from the USA. IT was engineered to provide exceptionally powerful sealing and anti-vibration capabilities to resist oil leaks and accidental loss of the plug. Moreover, SMART-O reduces the risk of sudden catastrophic engine oil loss, oil pan wear, engine damage and ultimately reduces environmental pollution from engine oil which remains a major water pollution source. SMART-O is an essential part of a complete Oil Change Safety Solution.

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