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Stop! Oil leaking!

O Find the Source of the Oil Leak

To trace an oil leak you need to determine if the Oil Leak is coming from the Drain Plug or the Oil Filter. If the filter is leaking, try tightening it with a dry towel and your hands. If the oil filter still leaks, you may need to change the oil in your vehicle, replace the oil filter and add new oil. Spraying lubricant around the base of the oil filter may help you tell whether there any tiny leaks in the seal.

If you check the drain plug and oil filter of your vehicle, and there appear to be no leaks there, you should remove the oil pan and check the gasket. A cracked or damaged gasket is a common reason for many oil leaks. You will need to drain the oil from your vehicle in order to remove the gasket. Check the gasket to make sure there are no tears, cracks or other damage apparent in it.


O How to do if oil pan gasket leaking

Use your wrenches or ratchet set to remove any car accessories which in the oil pan. Then remove all the oil pan’s bolts and clean the oil pan with solvent. Line the shape of the Oil Pan Gasket up with the shape of the Oil Pan. Before tightening any Oil Pan bolt, make sure that all bolts are going through the Oil Pan Gasket into the Engine. Quite often the Gasket can shift as the Oil Pan is put in place and is no longer where it need. After bolts are lightly tightened then do the final part evenly a little bit at a time rather than one bolt fully to avoid warping the Oil Pan. Inspect the vehicle again for oil leaks. If you don't see any leaks, start the engine and visually inspect the area that was previously leaking for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure the leaks have stopped.

O How to do if oil drain plug leaking

Drain Plug was not tightened all the way so it does not have a tight seal on the Oil Pan. To fix, take wrench that matches size of Drain Plug hex end and tighten up. Sometimes when the washer cracks oil leak will happen too, then you need change a washer or change a useful, efficient drain / sump plug, such as SMART-O drain / sump plug. 

Note that dirt may be between the Drain Plug and Oil Pan preventing it from being tightened up securely against the Oil Pan. If this is the case then the Drain Plug will need to be removed and cleaned as in the previous step.