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Oil drain plugs hit Europe on the Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

16-Sep-2014, Frankfurt am Main  - Germany

SMART-O® oil drain plugs hit Europe on the Automechanika Frankfurt 2014.

SMART-O® oil drain plugs made a powerful impact on the Automechankina Frankfurt 2014, generating high interest by international visitors from 41 countries across Europe, South America North America and the Middle East.
The innovation was introduced and recognized as being something 'completely new' on the market with multiple opportunities to market and promote this range to various customer segments.

The problem of oil drain plugs leaking and stripping oil pans is well known to professionals. SMART-O® is the safest oil drain plug / sump plug system in the market, engineered to such problems: oil leaks, engine damage, oil pan stripping and oil leaks into the environment.

As the distribution of this innovation continues to grow in international markets, our distributors will also continue the exhibtion circuit and exhibit on the SEMA exhibition in USA this year.

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