Rapidfix Industrial exhibits on the Automechanika Shanghai | Oil Drain Plug | Drain Plug | Sump Plug
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Rapidfix Industrial exhibits on the Automechanika Shanghai

Rapidfix Industrial exhibited on the Automechanika exhibition, Shanghai 2012 to showcase its innovative solutions for the automotive aftermarket. The showcase focused on presenting multi-media retail displays, offering effective product information for Chinese customers.

The POS systems are designed for retail packaging for SMART-O® plugs, SMART-O® wipers and Autosol surface solutions.

This trade fair was China’s key annual event to present the company’s product offering of innovative automotive solutions from USA and Europe for the Chinese auto after market.

Rapidfix automotive solutions consist of the following products:

- SMART-O® oil drain plugs

SMART-O® oil drain plug
(sump plug) is internationally patented technology, originating from USA.

The plug system was engineered to provide an exceptionally powerful sealing capability and vibration resistance to prevent problems related to oil drain plugs, oil pans and engine damage.

SMART-O® plugs utilize a special material O-ring which expands when coming in contact with engine oil.
This O-ring serves as an extra seal and an interference to resist vibration.
The oil drain plug prevents self-loosening of the plug through vibration, prevents oil leaks and prevents damage to the oil pan.

The system was also designed to reduce the legal liability risks and damage to company image through customer claims about negligent car maintenance and oil changes where mechanics forget to torque drain plugs properly or ignore wear and tear on oil pans installing oil drain plugs wrongly.

For workshops, the SMART-O® oil drain plug system offers added convenience, time-saving and added safety. The range has been engineered to reduce overall number of products
while still providing the same amount of plugs to fit the most common cars. Only 17 plugs cover more than 90% of cars in the market, including American, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, British and Australian cars. A range of plug selection guides, an online part finder tool, a measurement gauge to ensure correct fit of plugs, vehicle and part finder charts and posters are

Attractive retail packaging, merchandizing and marketing materials offer part retailers, distributors and car service workshops opportunities to offer an attractive solution bundled with other products such as synthetic or re-refined oils, helping them to offer a ‘greener’ oil change service.

- SMART-O® wiper blade refills

The Swiss-engineered wiper blade refills, outperform even leading OEM wiper brands in terms of quality.

Made of special graphite-blended material technology, SMART-O® wiper blade refills offer enhanced product life, extreme temperature resistance (-65℃ to +123℃) durability and smoother running on windscreens, a better user experience and ultimately reduced waste – reduced environmental impact.

The range spans only 6 types which can be cut to fit any wiper blade frame system, including metal frame wipers or flat blade wiper blades for cars, vans, buses, trucks as well
as heavy equipment, trains and other forms of transportation.

The refills are manufactured in Europe, imported to Asia to offer the highest quality for the market for professional users.

- Autosol, Dursol and Croldino

Autosol and Dursol is Germany's premium, industrial-grade metal cleaning and polishing solution. This product allows for effective, yet protective cleaning and polishing of various kinds of metal surfaces; chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass can be polished to look like new within seconds without damage to the surface.

Dursol's special chemical formula has been tried and tested successfully through decades of regular use within various industries. The special formula contains highly effective polishing and surface protection agents which allow removal of coarse, stubborn grime and tarnish without excessive rub marks and wear.

The product can be used on molds, machinery, components and to add a final finishing touch to industrial working surfaces, produced goods or equipment.

Autosol and Dursol are the undisputed, leading German brands for metal cleaning products, offering highly specialized surface treatment and cleaning solutions since 1929.

The Dursol and Autosol product range spans highly effective and innovative solutions for cleaning and protection of metal surfaces. Exceptionally high quality raw materials, rigorous quality control and a tradition of constant innovation has earned them a reputation as one of the world’s leading metal polishing brands, earning the gold medal from the Belgian independent testing organization Monde Selection in Brussels.

Croldino is an effective and safe hand cleaning solution ideally suited for auto mechanics and

Rapidfix Industrial

Rapidfix Industrial is an innovative industrial supply and industrial service groups with operations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company provides highly customized industrial solutions for clients with specific needs in the manufacturing, construction, steel fabrication, power generation, marine engineering, automotive, and other sectors.

Our services offering spans engineering solutions consultancy, sourcing, manufacturing, industrial MRO supply, equipment testing, certification, installation, maintenance and after sales.

Our industrial logistics services include contract packaging, assembly, kitting, warehousing, manufacturing and assembly workshop rental. We also provide a range of market expansion services such as distribution, marketing, customer service, commercial administration and government relations. The objective is to offer international firms a flexible, cost-effective full circle solution for international firm running industrial operations in Asia.

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