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Rapidfix Industrial develops SMART-O - the intelligent drain plug

The SMART-O® oil drain plug is engineered to safeguard vehicles against potentially costly mishaps, such as rapid oil loss, engine damage, stripped threads and oil spillage on driveways and the environment.

This patented plug, utilizes a special heat resistant O-ring material which expands upon contact with engine oil, acting as an extra seal to reduce the risk of oil leakage through the threads.

The expanding O-ring grips tightly into threads, virtually eliminating self-loosening of the plug caused by vibration.
It also reduces the need for excess torquing — lessening the risk of damaging oil pans’ threads and costly repairs if used correctly.

By combining the form-fit-function of a many different plug designs, the entire range has been consolidated to 17 plugs to cover 90% of the vehicles in the market. This enables users to carry less stock than previously while still achieving the same coverage.

A unique headmarking system alongside a product map and adjustable assortment kit, facilitates quick plug match-up and superior storage and product organization.

The black oxidized coating serves as a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular zinc-plated coatings which often contain the hazardous Cr6 substance.

SMART-O® can help oil change & lube service operators reduce engine damage costs, oil spills into the environment, customer complaints, negative publicity, negative service experiences, insurance liability expenses, inventory costs and human errors associated with the rapid turnaround times in oil changes.

For the operator, this translates into increased customer safety, customer retention, dollars per repair order, environmental efforts, positive company image and altogether a more positive customer experience.

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