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Branick distributes SMART-O in North America

Branick Industries distributes SMART-O® oil drain plugs in North America

Branick Industries distributes SMART-O® – an intelligent oil drain plug which is engineered to prevent a series of costly mishaps, such as oil pan thread damage and rapid oil loss which can lead to engine damage and oil leakage into the environment.

The SMART-O® plug features a special rubber O-ring which expands by up to 20% upon contact with hydrocarbons contained in engine oil.
The use of intelligent material technologies gives this plug key advantages over regular OEM oil drain plugs:

gt; Safe-sealing function: heat resistant O-ring expands upon contact with oil and acts as an extra seal to prevent rapid oil loss.
> Anti-vibration function: the O-ring grips directly into the oil pan threads increasing prevailing torque and preventing self-loosening of the plug while driving.

> Thread-guard: by design the plug does not require excessive torque to achieve a tight fit, thereby reducing risk of cross-threading or thread stripping of the oil pan. > Environmentally friendly: the plug is designed to reduce the risk of oil leaking out of the oil pan, reducing spillage on driveways and ultimately oil leaks into the environment.

Rapidfix, in conjunction with their key strategic  partner and US distributor, Branick Industries of Fargo, ND first showcased the SMART-O plug during the Las Vegas iFLEX expo on April 24-28 2010. The  innovation received a strong response from industry insiders and the SMART-O plug is now being made available throughout leading lube shop operators in the  US since June 2010.

To receive more information, please contact:
Branick Industries, Inc.
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