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A more responsible Oil Change Solution

SMART-O is more than an advanced oil drain plug. It's a complete oil solution for oil change operations, aimed at engine and oil pan protection, installation process improvement, superior merchandizing, customer rentention, business risk reduction and environmental protection. This high performance part offers extra protection for your customer's vehicles, your business and the environment.

Innovative Safe Sealing and Locking Oil Drain / Sump plug M12x1.25, SMART-O, R1

SMART-O is the safest oil drain / sump plug for the automotive, motorcycle applications. This innovation was engineered for engine and oil pan protection, a faster and simpler installation process, protection of your car, your business and the environment.


An internationally patented sealing and locking mechanism prevents the plug from loosening, falling out and sudden oil loss that could cause damage to the engine and the environment.


Most vehicle types available - check our website for details.

SMART-O Plug vs Regular Oil Drain Plug - Vibration Test

SMART-O® plug was tested under adverse conditions - extreme vibrations up to 9G by Spectrum Technologies in Michigan. The result was that the regular plug vibrated loose after 5 minutes while SMART-O plug stayed fixed in the oil pan and did not drain the oil.

The test proves that SMART-O® works and excels in sealing and anti-vibration (retention) performs it's intended function.  

SMART-O® plug - Auto Service Center Program

SMART-O® can help oil change & lube service operators reduce engine damage costs, oil spills into the environment, customer complaints, negative publicity, negative service experiences, insurance liability expenses, inventory costs and human errors associated with the rapid turnaround times in oil changes.

Interview on Automechanika Exhibition, Shanghai China 2012

SMART-O® - the intelligent oil drain plug

High-Tech O-ring expands automatically when exposed to engine oil:

- Advanced sealing performance
- Protects your engine against oil loss
- Prevents loosening the screw
- Protects the environment from oil leaks
- Reduces wear on the oil pan
- Internationally patented technology