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The water Pollution Cycle

O   Engine oil is a major source of water pollution
O   Oil spills normally travel directly from the street to water sources (see graphic below)
O   3.8 Liters oil spill contaminates 3.8  million liters of water
O   684 million liters of used motor oil unaccounted for annually in the US alone
O   Risk of sudden oil loss increases with the frequency of oil changes in any service ops.
O   Environmental clean up cost for usable water are increasing


SMART-O Solutions and the Environment

SMART-O offers a safer solution to regular oil drain plugs when it comes to safe guarding against rapid oil loss and ultimately oil leaking into our environment.

O  Reusable seal - less waste

O  Recyclable - Black coating free of toxic Cr6

O  Superior performance - safe-sealing, anti-vibration, prevent oil leak

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