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Engine + Oil Pan Protection

Protects the thread of the oil pan by eliminating need for the excessive torque. Reduces risk of sudden oil loss which could lead to a costly engine damage.

Overtorquing, using wrong plug – Oil pan damage

Busy mechanics or auto service technicians are prone to human error. In the rush of servicing many vehicles, it is easy to install a similar looking, but not perfectly fitting plug, also some mechanics feel it's safer to over torque a plug if they see the oil pan is worn, thereby damaging the threads of an oil pan or using an oil pan repair kit even a complete replacement of the pan.


Oil Leaks – Environment pollution 

The oil pan can lose oil due to a variety of factors including faulty or worn out seals and gaskets, or worn oil pans. The result can be oil drips on your driveway, garage floor and ultimately, into the environment. In some jurisdictions, this can lead to fines for environmental cleanup.


Sudden Oil loss – Engine damage

If oil drain plugs / sump plugs suddenly loosen due to improper fit or even negligent installation, then a sudden loss of plug and engine oil might occur. This can result in the engine losing all lubrication and burning up in the process.

Prevention is the best solution. SMART-O® plug utilizes a special head marking system which makes it easier and faster to identify the right plug, also the sealing mechanism requires less torque to be used on the plug which reduce the risk of over-torquing the plug. And the safe seal function and anti-vibration function makes SMART-O® prevents self-loosening through vibration, oil leaks and ultimately engine damage.