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Faster Installation – More Efficiency

Every plug has an easily identifiable head mark which prevents mixing up similar looking but wrong plugs.


Efficient part finder system, speed up the plug selection process.

 1. Use the SMART-O® Guide to identify the correct plug to use in the vehicle

2. Check the SMART-O® Chart inside the lid of the case to find the right plug in the case

3. Use gauge tool to compare old plug and double-check fit

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Find the right plugs for 30,000+ vehicles


Unified torque adjustment

SmarTorq is the first unified torque system for oil drain plugs.  The O-ring increases the prevailing torque on the plug, making it perform uniquely compared to OEM or other aftermarket plugs

O  Simplified torque setting for either gasoline or diesel engines

O  Saves time looking up vehicle info – two specs fits all
O  Simplifies and speeds up the installation process

Link to Tech news>>
2014-08-12 SMART-O Oil Drain Plug Torque Specifications
2014-08-27 SMART-O introduces new torque system to simplify and speed up installation

No mix ups, less inventory, saved time for correct installation!

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