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Testing SMART-O® in adverse conditions

SMART-O® exhibits the most powerful sealing and retention performance found in any oil drain plug. The plug has been successfully tested in the most adverse conditions after negligent installation. Read more>>

Vibrational testing (At 9G)

Mechanical testing simlulating driving with the strongest vibrating engine subjected to 9G vibrational froces, even an hand torgued plug (only fixed by hand without any tool) the plug does not vibrate loose and the oil does not drain.  Read more>>

Torque and tension testing

The plug was also tested by the University of Michigan, Fastener and Joining Institute where it was subjected to torque and tension testing, and compared to regular OEM plugs. Result: SMART-O® showed higher prevailing torques during... Read more>>

Vibration testing (Junkers test)

The plug also underwent the junkers test. After being subjected to excessive transverse vibrations, SMART-O® did not loosen completely and could be removed by hand turning. Read more>>

Oil Leak Testing

The oil drip testing by Panda Engineering of Michigan, tested the plug in an actual vehicle oil pan to test how the plug would perform if unloosend by hand and by a tool. SMART-O required up to 17x more turns* to be loosened easily by... Read more>>

Seal of Quality

SMART-O stands for the highest quality in their respective product categories. Components and materials are selected to outperform even leading OEM brands. Manufacturing of drain plugs and related components is made in ISO/TS 16949 certifie... Read more>>