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SKU/Mfr. Model #: POS
Product Dimensions: 460 x 500 x 1730 / 18
Item Weight: 21kg/46.3lb
Package type: Carton box
Packing qty: 1pc packed in 2 boxes

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    Product Info
    SMART-O POS Display (peg board, hanging hooks, shelves, logo head, 12' video screen)

    Tech Info:
    - Height of display – 173cm
    - Width of display- 50cm
    - Length of display- 46 cm
    - Poster area - 47 x 36 cm
    - Rack head area – 47 x 25 cm
    - TV: Video delivery system – MPGE, AVI.
    - Picture file support - JPGE
    - SD card - Any brand of SC card is available, suggested to use Class 6 or Class 10 card for high speed copy & speed boot up video run.
    - SD Capacity requirement - 4GB memory (MAX)
    - Power supply - Current use 220V but we can change the power adopter to control in & out, based on requirement.

    - 12'' TV
    - No of hooks - 15pcs
    - Type of hooks – Single & double .
    - No of shelves- 2 - 5 shelves based on customer requirement.
    - SD card - 1pc
    - Remote - 1pc

    Packing Information:
    Packing size(two box):
    - Box 1: 47x11x50 cm 14KG
    - Box 2: 175x48x7cm 7KG
    Easy assembly & disassembly of shelves and rack. Only requires use of basic tools.
    For display of BP1 blister retail packs
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