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Oil Drain Plug Service Kit - Complete Solutions

SMART-O® is the most advanced oil drain plug in the market and offers a complete drain plug solution for over 99% of the vehicles on the road.

Our kits consist of compact assortment cases that offer complete vehicle coverage to regional markets including North America, Europe, East Asia, South East Asia, Australasia, Middle East, and Africa.

 O Assortment kits of 18 sizes (large) or 12 sizes (small).

 O Refill packs of 25 plugs or 5 plugs (depending on popularity) are available to replenish the assortment kits.

Inventory Solutions

The entire range of oil drain plugs has been reduced from 35 plugs to just 18 plugs. The plugs have the same critical dimensions as OE plugs and fit the same amount of cars as before - with less plugs!

Smart Tools

The SMART-O® Gauge is the most accurate way to identify which SMART-O plug fits a customer’s vehicle. With the gauge, you are able to confirm the thread diameter and pitch, as well as the shank length. With this information a technician can determine which SMART-O plug will best fit the vehicle. It is stressed that guides and databases should serve only as reference tools, with the gauge being the first line of plug-to-vehicle identification.

Faster Installation

The unique patented SMART-O® head marking system makes it easy to identify the correct plug. With only 18 plugs to remember, technicians will easily identify the plug-to-vehicle match, therefore there's no need to look up or memorize lengthy OE part numbers. This saves time and allows for easy, efficient and fast installation.

Technical Reference Materials

SMART-O® offers comprehensive technical reference materials for plug-to-vehicle match including wall charts, printed guides and the online database at:

Online Part Finder

Professionals can look up 30,000+ vehicles from all around the world. The system will help you find the exact plug you need within seconds.

The online part finder tool can be accessed via smartphone, pad or with any computer by going to: