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Green Oil Change

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SMART-O® plugs can be used to offer customers a greener oil change.

SMART-O® reduces the risk for water pollution and is safe to recycle as it's black coating is free of toxic Cr6 and RohS compliant. The plug is reusable as the O-ring offers a permant seal, reducing waste by eliminating the need for frequent changing of the gasket.        

SMART-O® green oil change

Oil changers, lube shops and other auto service professionals can integrate SMART-O® oil drain plugs (sump plugs) in their oil change service alongside with recycled oil, long-life oil filters to offer an environmentally more sustainable oil change.

Green oil change program

SMART-O® oil drain plug/ sump plug can be integrated into a green oil change program bearing in mind the following factors:

O Reduced risk for water pollution
O Recyclable and RoHs compliant
O Reusable plug and gasket - reduced waste
O CSR communication to customers

O Bundle product programs: SMART-O plug + recycled oil + oil filter = GREEN OIL CHANG