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The large range of car models available worldwide with new models being added every year, poses unique challenges for inventory and operational managers: lack of storage space & advanced inventory system needed to manage large number of SKUs

Consolidated Product Range - Reduced SKUs

The SMART-O® team took storage space challenges into account and applied clever engineering to consolidate an existing range of plugs into a very compact and effective range:

O From 35 plugs to just 18 plugs with the same critical dimensions to fit the same amount of cars as a before 
O Just 18 different plugs can be used to fit more than 30,000 vehicles 
O SMART-O® plugs fit 99% of the vehicles on the road

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Compact Kit Solutions

Professionals can buy specific kits and replensihment plugs so that they only need to store the SMART-O plugs they need for the vehicles they are frequently servicing.

O Assortment cases offer complete vehicle coverage for specific regional markets (North America, Europe, East Asia, South East Asia, Australasia, Middle East and Africa
O  Refill cartons with 25 plugs of each type to replenish the assortment kits
O  Smaller 5 pcs professional dealer packs to offer an even more economical solution for professionals who have less frequent replenishment needs

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