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SMART-O® is the most advanced oil drain plug in the market, supported by the most powerful branding, packaging and marketing solutions to help distributors, retailers and auto service centers to communicate how SMART-O® stands out from the rest while offering a truly unique product.

Marketing Support & Sales Tools

To support distributors, resellers, retailers and service workshops with more effective promotions, we offer special kits and a wide range of marketing materials, such as:
O POS Displays

O Demonstration videos

O Customer information leaflets

O Sales flyers

O DM Brochures

O Technical Reference Guides 
O Wall Charts and Posters

O Promotional items (shirts, merchandize, gifts, poster)

Special Packaging for Each Market

We offer comprehensive packing solutions which fit any professional's need - be it for the retail sector, auto service centers, dealers, or distributors:

O Assortment Cases
O Pro Dealer Packs
O Retail Blister Packs
O Replenishment Packs

Your Company Link and Logo on SMART-O website

Place your busiuness on the map while using our powerful "SMART-O® where to buy" tool.

The website allows car owners or professional techs to search for the nearest location where they can obtain SMART-O plugs or get them installed.

Individual auto service workshops, lube centres and distributors all have the opportunity to get listed on the website, which links to google maps - for the most powerful global search.

Adding customers web links to our website will also enhance their search engine visibility and add to their SEO efforts - to get found more easily on the web.

Speak to your distributor to get listed.

Check the Where to Buy section to get listed>> 

Online Part Finder Links to Buying Locations

The online part finder tool can be accessed via smartphone, ipad or with any computer.

Customers can look up 30,000+ vehicles from all around the world.

The system will help them find the exact plug they need and direct them to your location, if your business is listed on our website.

Find the right plug for any vehicle using our online part finder >>

Bundled Marketing Programs

SMART-O® products can easily be bundled with other auto maintenance products and also complement Green Oil Change Programs.

The options are unlimited. Below are a few examples of programs we are currently developing with various partners:

O Re-refined oil + SMART-O® plug in blister pack
O Oil Filter + Engine Oil + SMART-O® plug in blister pack
O Oil Change + Re-refined oil + SMART-O® plug in blister pack
O Oil Drain Plug Kit + Large quantity engine oil orders (for bulk sellers)

Positive Company Image - CSR Communications

Using SMART-O® products is better for the environment and allows service operators to improve their carbon footprint and offer SMART-O® as part of a range of green products or services.

Offering SMART-O® can be a very positive booster to your business' CSR communication.

Marketing Partnerships

We Partner with our customers who carry SMART-O® to help them with promotions via social media, media, trade shows and retail channels.

Take advantage of our wide range of free marketing and reference materials, benefit from our marketing support to your business.