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SMART-O oil drain plug - the most advanced oil drain plug in the market; prevents sudden and catstrophic oil loss, oil leaks, oil pan damage, engine damage and ultimately

Safe-seal Function

Intelligent material O-ring expands up to 10% - 20% when exposed to engine oil. This seals the oil pan from inside the thread rather than just from the outside.  Read more>>


Tested by the Oakland University Fastening & Joining Institute and Specturm Technologies, Michigan. Proven to resist excessive vibration forces. Read more>>

Engine + Oil Pan Protection

Protects the thread of the oil pan by eliminating need for excessive torque. Reduces risk of sudden oil loss which could lead to a costly engine damage. Read more>>

Faster Installation – More Efficiency

SMART-O® to cut the time for an oil change. A unique headmarking system and unified torque specification speed up the process. is a safer alternative for professionals who use regular oil drain plugs, sump plugs or oil drain valves Read more>>

Consolidated Range - Less Inventory

Clever engineering work has eliminated overlapping plug sizes to consolidate the range. Now covering the same amount of vehicles with less plugs. Read more>>

Complete Coverage

The plugs fit 30,000+ European, British,American, Japanese and Korean car makes and models offering one of the most comprehensive drain plug ranges. Read more>>


Prevents leakage of engine oil into the environment and thereby protects our water. The black coating is used instead of the metalic-looking zinc plating which contains toxic Cr6. Plugs are RoHs compliant and fully recyclable. Read more>>