Smart-O-Plug: A Leading Brand in Automotive Oil Drain Plugs


The SMART-O ® brand stands firmly for innovation, environmental protection, safety and an enhanced user experience.

Our intelligent auto aftermarket solutions are engineered to supply the most demanding professional customers and enthusiast end users.

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SMART-O® products are currently in use across the globe in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China. Satisfied customers are found among fleet operators, auto service chains, tire workshops, oil and lube shops, quick lubes, to finally reach car enthusiast and car owners.

SMART-O® is for those who take extra care of their vehicles while placing the highest demands on quality, performance and safety.


SMART-O® aims to become the leading brand of automotive oil drain plugs, serving customers around the world with complete solutions which make life easier and better for them and the rest of the planet. Meanwhile, we will extend our product offering to develop a specialist range of other automotive aftermarket solutions—with an environmental angle. Expect constant innovation and improvement.

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