The Advantages of Using Our Smart-O-Plugs


SMART-O oil drain plug - the most advanced oil drain plug in the market; prevents sudden and catastrophic oil loss, oil leaks, oil pan damage and ultimately engine damage.

Safe Seal Function

Intelligent material O-Ring expands up to 10% - 20% when exposed to engine oil. This seals the oil pan from inside the thread rather than just from the outside.

SMART-O® plugs provide powerful, safe sealing beyond any other oil drain plug system in the market.

The use of SMART-O® plug prevents oil leaks and ultimately engine damage.


  • O-Ring acts as an interference to prevent natural self-closing of plug, caused by engine vibration.
  • This prevents SMART-O® from falling out due to vibration over time, if not tightened properly.
  • This also prevents self-loosening through vibration, oil leaks and ultimately engine damage.

Tested by the Oakland University Fastening & Joining Institute and Spectrum Technologies, Michigan. Proven to resist excessive vibration forces.

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Engine + Oil Pan Protection

Protects the thread of the oil pan by eliminating the need for the excessive torque. Reduces risk of sudden oil loss which could lead to a costly engine damage.

Overtorquing, using wrong plug – Oil pan damage

Busy mechanics or auto service technicians are human and at times make human errors. In the rush to service many vehicles, it is easy to install a similar-looking, but not perfectly fitting, plug or mechanics may be tempered to over-torque a plug if they see the oil pan is worn. This can result in damage to the threads of the oil pan necessitating the use of an oil pan repair kit or even a complete replacement of the pan.

Oil Leaks – Environment pollution

The oil pan can lose oil due to a variety of factors including faulty or worn-out seals and gaskets or worn oil pans. The result can be oil drips on your driveway, garage floor, and ultimately, into the environment. In some jurisdictions, this can lead to fines for environmental cleanup.

Sudden Oil loss – Engine damage

If oil drain plugs/sump plugs suddenly loosen due to improper fit or even negligent installation, then a sudden loss of plug and engine oil might occur. This can result in the engine losing all lubrication and burning up in the process.

Prevention is the best solution. SMART-O® plug utilizes a special head-marking system which makes it easier and faster to identify the right plug; also, the sealing mechanism requires less torque to be used on the plug which reduces the risk of overtorquing the plug. And the safe seal function and anti-vibration function make SMART-O® prevent self-loosening through vibration, oil leaks, and ultimately engine damage.

Faster Installation - More Efficiency

Every plug has an easily identifiable head mark which prevents mixing up similar looking but wrong plugs.

  1. Use the SMART-O® Guide to identify the correct plug to use in the vehicle.
  2. Check the SMART-O® Chart inside the lid of the case to find the right plug in the case.
  3. Use gauge tool to compare old plug and double-check fit.

Find the right plugs for 30,000+ vehicles

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SmarTorq is the first unified torque system for oil drain plugs. The O-Ring increases the prevailing torque on the plug, making it perform uniquely compared to OEM or other aftermarket plugs.

  • Simplified torque setting for either gasoline or diesel engines
  • Saves time looking up vehicle info – two specs fits all
  • Simplifies and speeds up the installation process

No mix-ups, less inventory, saved time for correct installation!

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Consolidated Range - Less Inventory

  • Form-fit-function: Thread diameter + Thread pitch
  • Our range of 18 different plugs cover 99% of vehicles sold in the market
  • Less inventory - more effective use of stock

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Complete Coverage

SMART-O plugs fit 30,000+ European, British, American, Japanese and Korean car makes and models offering one of the most comprehensive drain plug ranges.

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eco -protect
  • Engine oil is a major source of water pollution
  • Oil spills normally travel directly from the street to water sources (see graphic below)
  • 3.8 Liters oil spill contaminates 3.8 million liters of water
  • 684 million liters of used motor oil unaccounted for annually in the US alone
  • Risk of sudden oil loss increases with the frequency of oil changes in any service ops.
  • Environmental cleanup cost for usable water are increasing

SMART-O offers a safer solution to regular oil drain plugs when it comes to safeguarding against rapid oil loss and ultimately oil leaking into our environment.

  • Reusable seal-less waste
  • Recyclable - Black coating free of toxic Cr6
  • Superior performance - safe-sealing, anti-vibration, prevent oil leak


Testing SMART-O® in adverse conditions

SMART-O® exhibits the most powerful sealing and retention performance found in any oil drain plug.

The plug has been tested in the most adverse conditions; in severe heat and cold while driving several cars across the US for more than 3,000 miles - testing it after negligent installation.

Under these conditions, most regular oil drain plugs would have failed within the first miles, resulting in loss of plug, significant leakage, sudden oil loss and possible engine damage. Again and again, the test revealed that SMART-O® works and fulfills its promise: to offer exceptionally powerful anti-leak and anti-vibration performance.

Vibrational testing (At 9G)

Mechanical testing simulating driving with the strongest vibrating engine subjected to 9G vibrational forces, even and hand-torqued plug (only fixed by hand without any tool) the plug does not vibrate loose and the oil does not drain.

Torque and tension testing

SMART-O® showed higher prevailing torques during tightening and loosening cycles compared to regular OEM plugs without O-Ring system.

--- Test carried out by the Fastening and Joining Research Institute of Oakland University

Vibration testing (Junkers test)

The plug also underwent the junkers test. After being subjected to excessive transverse vibrations, SMART-O® did not loosen completely and could be removed by hand turning.

After being subjected to excessive transverse vibrations, SMART-O® could only be removed by hand turning.

Oil Leak Testing

The oil drip testing by Panda Engineering of Michigan tested the plugin an actual vehicle oil pan to test how the plug would perform if unloosened by hand and by a tool. SMART-O required up to 17x more turns to be loosened easily by

Seal of Quality

SMART-O stands for the highest quality in their respective product categories. Components and materials are selected to outperform leading OEM brands. Drain plugs and related components are manufactured in certified facilities to ISO/TS standards insuring they also conform to the strictest automotive standards.