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Engine Oil And Water Pollution

The impact of motor oil on water pollution is probably not what most people think of when hearing the words "rapid oil loss".


However, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), motor oil is the biggest single source of water pollution in the US.


It is estimated that over 180 million gallons of used motor oil go unaccounted for each year.

Engine Oil And Water Pollution Facts

It only takes four quarts, or about one oil change, of used motor oil to pollute one million gallons of drinking water.    


Used motor oil can contain chromium, lead, petroleum hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, or zinc and is highly a carcinogen.

SMART-O Solutions And The Environment

SMART-O offers a safer solution to regular oil drain plugs when it comes to safeguarding against rapid oil loss and ultimately oil leaking into our environment.


As a geen automotive solution, SMART-O compliments other environmentally friendly automotive solutions and services, such green oil changes offered by specialist lube and auto service service operators.